What Makes a Technically Optimized Website

As always said, a website is the sales representative of online businesses. Henceforth, it is the goal of SEO MEXICO to optimize websites to be able to make it a powerful medium for companies to attract and convince potential customers. There are two main categories of SEO which should be fulfilled in order for it to be truly successful.

Technical SEO is the part of on-page SEO that aims at improving a website to get higher rankings. On the other hand, when SEO is focused at generating exposure for the website in other channels, this aspect is achieved through off-page SEO.

A website that has a proper technical setup is easy to crawl for search engine robots. It is presented in a manner where search engine robots find it easy to understand to prevent confusion. A technically sound website is also fast for visitors to use, which results in user satisfaction. So what are the characteristics of technically optimized website?

Quick to Load for Users

Visitors will likely leave a website that is slow to load. This can affect traffic as it may go down the search engine search ladder. On the other hand, a website that has less loading time will increase traffic as customer satisfaction will also grow.

Easy to Crawl by Search Engines

Search engine robots will be testing every website to be able to determine its ranking. They follow links to a website to know its content. A website that has sound technical setup has excellent internal linking that make sure search engine robots will understand its content.

Only a Few Dead Links

Both users and search engines find dead links even worse than slow load time. Although a few dead links here and there can be understandable, many dead links will surely result in decreased user satisfaction and so with search engine ranking. By redirecting links to pages that you deleted, dead links can be eliminated.

No Duplicate Content

Search engines may get confused with multiple pages that have the same content. Instead of ranking these pages highly, they may be lowly ranked.

Enhanced Security

When a website is optimized technically, users and the website are protected. This is because interception of data between them is made impossible. Implementing HTTPS can be one factor that will enhance security. Search engines acknowledge the importance of security when ranking websites.

Structured Data

A website that is easy to understand with straightforward description of the products or services offered can result in better ranking by search engines.

Others aspects that should never be downplayed when optimizing a website are site mapping and transcribing international websites. Site mapping will make searching within a website easier while a website which targets more countries should be understood by local users.…

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